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About Us


Whether you are a busy family, on a fitness journey, or after easy meal solutions to save you time to enjoy the important things in life, Shredded Chef Meals are designed to make life that little bit more simple. 

Fresh, wholesome meals that are portion controlled and calorie counted to the daily recommended intake. Your health and wellbeing is our priority, we fuel your body so you can feel your best physically & mentally!

The Shredded Chef supports sustainable lifestyles, and the maintenance of healthy eating behaviours through the promotion and provision of diverse and nutritious meals.

Save time, money, and enjoy our flavours!

Green Salad
Image by Hayley Kim Design

Started out my 6 week challenge prepping my own meals & then realised I could have them done for me. Shredded Chef made my goals so much easier and kept me on track all the days I just didn't have time to organise meals... 

Talk about choice, I ate everything on the menu and loved it all. 


Image by Nathan Dumlao

WOW!!! Amazing service and Amazing food and unbelievable value. Peter and his staff went above and beyond my request. I organised as a surprise for my sister, who was finding hard to cook for herself with 2 young ones and hubby often away with work. She was beyond happy, said food was so fresh, so tasty and packed full of goodness.... THANKYOU THANKYOU!! Cannot recommend highly enough.


I have been getting this meal prep for a few weeks now. The standard of service is amazing and the quality of food is completely A+ It really helps me out during a busy working week. You are spoilt for choice with their new diverse menu with food sourced from local suppliers.


Defo my go to high standard food source.


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5/51 Marina Boulevard, Cullen Bay NT

0477 542 273

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